Monday, May 3, 2010

recent developments

hi everyone,
i thought you might like to know that i have started up two incidental blogs.

where the golden fish is a daily occurence, the other two are occasional.

really they're like fractals of the golden fish. or layers.

the first is named "gone to earth".
it's a very quiet place.


i like being there very much.

on the sidebar are little coloured boxes that contain links to other places.
they change every so often to reflect my interests and curiousity.


the second is named "cycles".

it's about my bicycle-based life.
i get to use my daytime conversational voice there.
i'll post there whenever the cycling comes together with photographs
or if there's a story to tell.

eventually the entire africycle journey will be posted up there.
(more on that later this week).

if you like visiting the golden fish, then you'll find aspects of it in these two places.



Elisabeth said...

Thanks Steven. It all sounds good. I've signed up to join the journeys of your various selves. thanks for the invite.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Shall visit them both when I have more time steven. Loved the shadow photo - it reminded me that Andy Goldsworthy (do you know of him, he is an outdoor artist here in UK) came to NY recently and laid on the pavement when there was a shower, so that his body shape would remain dry as it rained round him. Sadly the NY Police arrested him!

steven said...

hi elisabeth - i hope that you enjoy all your visits!! steven

steven said...

oh yes weaver i know of andy goldsworthy!! "rivers and tides" is one of my most played dvds in fact. i've blogged about andy some time ago. strange story about his shadow in nyc!! steven

willow said...

There can never be too much loveliness.

Fabulous red carmine image!!

Jenny Stevning said...

I love that top photo!

Dave King said...

I, too shall be visiting both. I am particularly keen to see what Cycles is like - bikes being my first (sporting) love.

Reya Mellicker said...

Africycle? Can't wait for that one. And I'll visit the quiet place, too, to be sure. Quiet places are so restorative, especially with your energy there.

Very cool!!

ellen abbott said...

Yes, I love gone to earth but I did not know the squares were links.

steven said...

willow - there can't!! steven

steven said...

jenny that was taken by my best friend during lunch in a belgian restaurant. steven

steven said...

hey dave - i'm glad you'll follow - cycles will grow as i find the voice for that blog. i also hope to figure out how to ride hard and fast and take pictures. steven

steven said...

reya - yep the africycle piece will be ten days of riding 100 + kilometres per day 'round lake ontario. i'm so excited!!! "gone to earth" - well i couldnt've done it a year ago but i need that little place to say the very small big things and show the very small big moments. steven

steven said...

yep ellen - the squares are links. it's a little surprise and makes for some happy trips sometimes. steven

Golden West said...

Hi Steven,

You are a busy guy! Glad to see your creativity has such wonderful outlets.

hope said...

I feel like I've fallen off the planet the last few days with the Sr. Fitness Games. I survived them and now I see I get a places of peace!

Can't wait to check them out!

ALeks said...

And now I imagine you riding fast and hard and taking pictures,against the wind, :O)
You are something Steven!! Take good care of yourself on the road,if I can not support with money I could sing and dance and make sure more people get to know about your noble ride! Good luck! See you!