Monday, May 17, 2010

be thirst!

i took this photograph two summers ago.

the little parts of this plant
that you can see
are emerging from a garden
that could be described as "well-ordered".

there's nothing wrong with that.

what appeals to me
is that
this plant had ideas beyond its place.

i liked that then.

i like it now very much more.

for your dry soul
clouds of mercy are gathering
ready to burst open

if you would hear
the heavens speak
be thirst!



Dan Gurney said...

Looks like mimosa. I like it too. The best parts of life are found "outside the box." The trick is to figure out how to jump out. Once you do, you have no desire to go back in.

Merisi said...

Beautiful picture!

That adventurous little plant must have read Rumi.

steven said...

sage words dan!!! steven

steven said...

hello merisi and welcome. or someone read rumi to it! steven

Barry said...

Quite an interesting and dynamic counterpoint going on there Steve. Nicely done.

steven said...

thanks barry - this was early one summer day as i helped my daughter deliver her papers. the people who own this house have gorgeous gardens - gorgeous! right out of a magazine and i wondered how long this miscreant would be allowed to look elsewhere . . . . . not for long as it turned out so i'm glad i got the photo. steven

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Another perfect pairing of words and image, steven. Always a delight to visit here.

Elisabeth said...

You are a daily wonder, Steven.

I always look for your post first. And then today I find the word 'thirst' in your title. Your blog is a great thirst quencher.

I know about these neat gardens, too, Steven, and I'm so glad that there are unruly plants like this one here that refuse to be hemmed in. Thanks.

ellen abbott said...

Oh I love this. It will not be contained.

willow said...

Lovely image of branching out! Wonderful moss in your previous post, too.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm a big believer in coloring outside the lines - if you want to, that is. Or coloring inside the lines.

Very beautiful.

Pauline said...

rumi can take the simplest thing and make it so unbearably beautiful he often makes me weep. I love that the leaves are growing searching on the other side of the fence.

Golden West said...

And bravo to whomever painted their fence such a wonderful shade of aqua!

steven said...

golden west i'll let them know!!! steven

steven said...

pauline - i think that real insight is that very ability to take something essential and share it in the simplest and most beautiful way. i'm glad you enjoyed your visit! steven

steven said...

reya - it's nice to leave that expectation behind. some people leave it behind at a very early age, others leave it behind but still play the game, still others never get there. i say, be colourful! steven

steven said...

willow thankyou! i love this time of year when there's little green spaces quietly living. steven