Wednesday, May 12, 2010

day dream

the waking
and the dream
are so
closely connected
so intimately connected

that they find places
to hold each other
in their arms
and whisper
sweet wishes

that look like this

i sit on the shore
my place
in the slowly flowing
of which
i am
one small part


Patty Mooney said...

Yes, isn't that the truth?! Have you seen "Hubble" yet? I highly recommend it. Another view of how small we humans really are in the context of the allness around us.
I see you will be bicycling around Lake Ontario this July. Kudos! I recently learned that several generations of my predecessors, three of them named Michael Mooney, operated the locks at the Rideau Lakes. I think that's near Lake Ontario. Hugs!

steven said...

hey patty - yes the rideau locks are sort of near lake ontario. i haven't seen hubble yet. i'll have a look and see where i could pick it up. thanks for the mention. steven

hope said...

I passed a guy on a bike yesterday and wondered how YOU were doing. :)

I like that your embrace with nature is shared with us...thanks!

Elisabeth said...

What jumps out at me in this image here, Steven is the ripples across the water.

I shiver at the thought of what such a breeze might create against my skin so far away and yet, right up close through your poetry and picture.

Thank you for sharing the experience and view.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, I agree completely. Beautifully put, Steven. Thank you.

willow said...

Your photo looks like one of the grand Old Master's paintings, Steven. Breathtaking!

Meri said...

And we all dream our worlds into being with our attention and intention.

Helen said...

This is one of my favorite Steven creations ....

steven said...

hope i am doing very well - my biking is going along smoothly. the weather hasn't affected me too too much although it has been cold most mornings - sometimes below zero. however we're headed for good warm weather which allows my to get out earlier in the day and stay out later in the evening. steven

steven said...

hi elisabeth - that day the wind was blowing from the northeast and so it was cool for sure but it was behind me at this stage of my ride. i sat by this river for a while. entirely alone. nothing but the wind. thanks for sharing that moment with me. steven

steven said...

thankyou reya. that's how it felt. that's how it feels. steven

steven said...

willow - can you imagine being able to see something like this and then going to your studio and painting it?!! wow. steven

steven said...

meri yes! it's all what you make available or what you make yourself available to. steven

steven said...

thankyou for that lovely comment helen!!! steven