Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the big ride

here's a pic of me on my street

every year i add my name and body to the lists of people fundraising for various causes in my town. this year i'm helping out the local chapter of the huntington's society a handful of times, the jamaican self-help group, pedal for hope, jump rope for heart, and teachers for kids.

the big one for me this year involves a ten day bike ride around lake ontario with the africycle team.
the distance we will travel will be over 1000 kilometres.

this is what lake ontario looks like from space

getting 'round this'll test my physical and emotional stamina and willpower.
am i nervous - oh yeah!

to be a part of this team i pay $250.00 to cover expenses (already done!)
and then i have to fundraise $1,000.00. that's where all of you can come in.

first. if you're anything like me, you might want to know a bit about africycle so if you pop over here
i think you'll find a lot of helpful information.

these guys have done three previous rides. i have met people who've been on those rides and they are all over-the-top blown away by the experience.

second: If you decide to go ahead and sponsor me then you can pop over here.

i'm really excited and looking forward to this challenge,
which is going to be huge for my scrawny 53 year old body.
but i'm going for it and i'd really appreciate any support you can give me.

as i mentioned a couple of days ago, i've started a blog to allow me to write about bike stuff and my preparations for this big ride. it's called "cycles: the journey within the journey" and it's right here. i'm also hoping that somehow i can blog en route and if that doesn't work out then i'll upload the day-by-day pics and words when i return.
i leave on july 2nd!



nollyposh said...

You're a braver man than me Steven X;-) My eldest daughter & husband have done a 50km MS ride-a-thon (We have a close friend with MS) and i thought that was way farrr! Happy training X:-)

Dave King said...

Best wishes and may the wind be ever behind you! It would be great if you could continue to blog.

steven said...

hi nolly! thanks for the support. 50 km is a long way! steven

steven said...

hi dave and thanks for the good wishes!! i really hope i can blog on the way. i imagine it would be more realistic and gritty that way. steven

Barry said...

I've driven most of the way around Lake Ontario, Steven, so I know how far the distance is.

I can't image biking it!

I'm off to check out your links.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow. What a ride! That is one big ole lake. Will you have time, and the wherewithall to take pics as you ride? I'll bet there are a variety of landscapes you'll encounter on your way around, yes?

Love the pic of you at the top. Of course.

Valerianna said...

A journey on many levels, I'm sure! We were just speaking of the need for "adventures" in one of my classes.... happy adventure prep to you!

Thanks for joining my blog! I've really enjoyed what I've seen and read on yours- the little I've perused since yesterday. I look forward to more of your words and photos, and to ride with you virtually this summer if possible...

at RavenWood Forest

ellen abbott said...

Well, I'm totally impressed. I'm sure you'll do great and have a wonderful time doing it. Bike on steven!

ALeks said...

That would be awesome if you could blog about it! hey,we have a new word!! Blog about it!! :O) Nothing to brag about,you go and blog about!!
You are super for doing this,I really admire you and hope all is going to be just good,on the road and after the ride!All the luck and good weather Steven!! See you!

willow said...

A huge feat of strength for a very good cause. Best of luck, my friend. xx

Titus said...

Wow steven! Good cause, good luck!

hope said...

You must have more Good Human Points than anyone I know. :)

Good luck...and yes, we KNOW you can do it. We'll be sitting on the sidelines, cheering all the way.

steven said...

hey thankyou everyone for your thoughtful and kind support. the financial side of this venture has more or less taken care of itself. the spiritual emotional factors are spread even wider and i am astonished at how people who barely know me are so kind and wishful! thankyou all so much. i will do my best to figure out how to blog this piece up into existence. i know that the distances are enough each day that some attention has to be paid to speed which makes stopping for pics a problem. i'm working on that one in my head each night. i am also looking at the other possibility which is that inup the whole piece when i get back and open out my undoubtedly terse written journal entries. steven