Sunday, May 2, 2010


i live on
the outer skin of this world
these people
these things

i know myself
by what i'm not

it's not
so much about beauty
a statement of place

the place
of this moment
see me
in my crumbling
carmine monochrome


Elisabeth said...

A red beast rising up snake like in its majesty. Thanks, Steven

Delwyn said...

Hi Steven

what I found interesting about your post today and the colour of carmine. It is not a colour that I am familiar with by word but when I investigated it further I see that it is also known as cochineal which of course is a food colouring made by boiling up insects to extract the red dye. Some people are allergic to carmine and even have anaphylactic shock reactions.

So your post was very profitable to me today....
In regards to your post I wonder how much these words describe you and your place in the world at this time...hmmmm

Happy days

steven said...

elisabeth - you're welcome. steven

steven said...

delwyn - how much of this blog isn't in some way about me?! that's a very fair call. i have to think that somewhere in the words i posted today is some degree of empathy and so that would place me somewhere inside their presence. i'm very grateful that you asked that question. perhaps the most valubale (to me) feature of blogging is the flip side of posting something personal which is to have it placed in a critical referent that compels the writer to think about why. have a lovely australian evening. steven

Jenny Stevning said...

Oh, that color! It feels like home.

steven said...

hi jenny, i wonder why that colour feels like home to you. i associate it with older homes, downtown buildings, warmth. perhaps you feel similarly?! steven

ellen abbott said...

I don't know why, but I really liked this.

Linda Sue said...

"I know myself by what I'm not" COOOOL! Just right! That is a warm mellow red - looks like the colour of a substantial brick house that the wolf can not huff and puff down.
(loved your frog story over at Reya's by the way)

Abraham Lincoln said...

It does look tired, Steven. And used.

Friko said...

I know myself by what I'm not . . .

I have never thought of knowing anything that way.
It is a thought to be pondered, a new perspective.

steven said...

ellen - it is what it is!! steven

steven said...

linda sue - sometimes it's alright to define yourself by the "i am not" and then sometimes by the "i am". then sometimes by the "i wish i was" and then by the "i'm glad i'm not". i'm glad you read the frog story - it's all true and they're still down there trying to sort things out! steven

steven said...

hey abe - nice to see you! tired yes. used yes. time to be recycled, revibrated into something else. steven

steven said...

hi friko - i've left a comment on this to linda sue but the essence is that its a sort of reverse negative of yourself. who i am not. steven