Friday, December 9, 2011


there's a little yellow flower
beside the river

hugging the ground so closely to itself -
a hope fulfilled
in the dance of its subtle body

the slender fingers of a breeze
draw across its flowered lips

my words and eyes
drift across its tenderness

we are lost to each other
in so many different ways


Ruth said...

The losing is part of nature. But we have these moments of holding, which are the more precious then.

aguja said...

The photograph holds so much and your words express the poetry within it.

ellen abbott said...


steven said...

ruth - you so understand and articulate your understanding so simply and fully!! steven

steven said...

thankyou aguja. steven

steven said...

thanks ellen!! steven

hope said...

It looks so delicate and pretty and yet...

it so resembles goldenrod that my nose is itching! :)