Saturday, December 17, 2011

soft heated sky

this sky's skin
brushed against the face of my heart
and then
drew its fingers
across my soul
drawing out the essence
of my wholeness
challenging me
to tell the story
of our encounter


Valerianna said...

and you did it so beautifully. I've really been enjoying the new header photo - amazing!

steven said...

thankyou valerianna!! i was riding home last week and each day i cross a bridge across this beautiful river. on this day the temperature had been unseasonably high and so the setting sun caught all sorts of moisture and it was all i could do to bike straight and watch this beautiful sky all at the same time. then from out of nowhere this flock of birds arrived wheeling and twisting and i got off the bike, crossed the road and watched as i took photographs of the whole. i was overhwelmed valerianna - really i was - it takes next to nothing for that to happen (!) but this scene - particularly as it unfolded - was very powerful. i'm happy that several people have been able to share it and find goodness in it for themselves. it's a simple wish i have that finds fruition with a pleasing regularity so thankyou to the universe for seeing fit to take care of this wish so often!!!! steven

ellen abbott said...

either you have the most amazing skies or you take the most amazing sky pictures.

steven said...

ellen - the skies here are often amazing. i spend a lot of time enjoying them and so i'm available to moments that sometimes last half a minute or a handful of minutes and very often i'm incredibly fortunate because seomthing of what i see with my eyes arrives through the camera and then - even more amazing - gets transmuted onto the screens of other people and still carries something of the original presence!!!! steven

Reya Mellicker said...


The words and that picture - the clouds seem to be boiling up from the horizon.

Linda Sue said...

*gasp* how utterly beautiful! Your header knocks me out and that past couple of sky colour posts are surreal- so glad you have the ability to capture some of it and post it to the music of your words- makes my day every time! Thank you, Mr. Fabulous!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

i love this and i must agree, the header photo is gorgeous. you always does have wonderful header pics.


ps. happy holidays for you and your family sir steven!

steven said...

reya clouds are so much like all of life . . . . steven

steven said...

linda sue - "mr. fabulous"!!!! lol. i think i'll get a t-shirt with that on and see who drops dead laughing first!!! could be me! steven

steven said...

jj thanks my friend!!!! and i'll pass on your holiday wishes . . . . steven

Butternut Squash said...

What a glorious sky! I love your rapport with nature. You must be very good friends.

steven said...

ahhh butternut - it's the most amazing story!!! steven

erin said...

steven, yes, nature is the most amazing story, isn't it? i am just realizing now (on a deeper level) just what truth resides there and how healing it is. if i let myself go into it it is a form of meditation i am actually able to participate in. this is very new for me and i am grateful.


steven said...

erin - my own experience is that there is a scaling up of the dialogue that unfolds inside me. i'm reminded to consider otherness especially. the strangeness of the physical and the metaphors that describe the skin of anything. steven

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