Monday, December 26, 2011


the sure
and certain
- like a well-lit corridor -
holds no surprises for me

it is entirely laid bare
and there's a sort of comfort in its familiar barrenness
that somewhat softens the edge of the discomfort
that attends my living as and who i am
in this iteration of the world

perhaps this explains why
hold such charm
and distraction for me
with their furtive
and unexpected
comings and goings

windows and doors
suddenly opening and closing

the soft uncertain rustle of angels
in the shadows
holding onto the ever-expanding moment
they are intent on creating
as they draw their bodies away from the here-and-now
and dance into the nothing-and-everythingness
of each other

i was listening to nicholas jaar and nina simone when it wrote these words


Reya Mellicker said...

Is there such a thing as certain? Ok yes, the sun rising, mortality. I'm drawn always to mystery.

Love your banner!

steven said...

reya - i'll add in uncertainty!!!! thanks for the banner love!!! steven