Thursday, December 15, 2011

deep autumn

the nights are now chill and thin
filled with the rustlings of
dry-veined leafy bodies
tumbling and colliding
across the thin skin of snow

the music of their puckered mouths
a hollow
into my sleep
and draws its notes
across the page of me

i reach for your warmth


John Romeo Alpha said...

I've heard that sound, your post made me chilly and warm at the same time at the memory of it.

steven said...

john - our weather has been below zero quite often and then also above quite a bit as well. biking has been possible but sometimes cold - the winds are pretty intense somedays as well. steven

Linda Sue said...

BRRRRR! Wondering if you could travel with a hot water bottle in your pants while biking? Could be cozy...and interesting...

Amish Stories said...

I'm just stopping by different type of blogs and thought id say hello folks. So greetings from an Amish community in Pennsylvania, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Richard from Amish Stories

aguja said...

Fantastic description of the deep cold and skeletal outside in contrast to the snug wamth; a truly beautiful poem.

Kitty Moore said...

emotive and beautiful

Linda Sue said...

I came back to show you chic bike stuff.

Valerianna said...

I like that thought of " chill and thin" nights... its true, I experience them as high and cold, too. Its been weird - back and forth between mid-fall and early winter feeling. Have you had strange almost spring like days, too?

HA! Good word v. word - "gamuled"... which is when you're visiting Bali, listening night upon night to gamalan music and you get a bit off kilter.... somewhat drunk on unfamiliar rhythms, yup, definitely.