Friday, December 23, 2011

all we want

we want and wish
then we hope and dream

at first we hold our own hands
kiss our own reflections
run our fingers across our lips
hold ourselves closer than almost anyone might

then we put on clothes that say more than we could ever say

are seen in circumstances
of our own design

and still

we aren't recognized
for who we are

because we haven't given ourselves the opportunity
to recognize ourselves

it's the letting go
the leaving behind
the willingness to drop all pretense
that opens the door
to the fullness of our presence

to ourselves

and to each other


erin said...

how we must be willing to see what is there - and perhaps more importantly, what is not.


Ruth said...

What will we find when we let go, and open?

Have a beautiful Christmas, Steven.

steven said...

erin - it's an amazing place to be when the saran wrap constructs of translucency suddenyl melt in the heat of your eyes. steven

steven said...

ruth - and that's the very big question that draws me closer and then pushes me away. what happens next. thankyou for the kind holiday wish ruth!!!! steven