Saturday, December 3, 2011

so like silence

this entire feeling moment
across an open sky so cold and then so bright
stands so like silence


i bet you've already figured out that there is so little of us left behind when we leave -
not much more than small pale emotive jewels contained within the dried husks of memory
each holding the water of tears that fell so very long ago
and somehow containing the softness of kisses that closed the shortness of a night

but right now in this moment that steps so very far outside the skin of this place
to an otherness where tears and words have no substance
we are here
and we know
that we are merely signposts
for something far greater
and so i dig beneath your sweet soft skin
for the soft welcome of soil and roots
and embrace it as something other
that holds the little strings of me and pulls them tighter
offering love and an understanding
that all of this is more sign than place


erin said...

oh god, steven, more sign than place. i don't know what to say. this is essential in our being, this understanding.

it reminds me, too, of a piece i read posted on a new blog for me, a blog that shares so many wonderful and insightful writings,

this piece by thomas merton.

i went to sleep last night thinking about our nothingness and yet how each of our nothings has a small vein of gossamer being through it.


Reya Mellicker said...

It is unnerving, to me, to imagine shedding this palpable existence.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It always saddens me that our thoughts die with us Steven - there are so many memories and they vanish in thin air.

steven said...

hello weaver - well there are echoes of our passing that are not entirely connected to memory of course. i carry the dna of people whose names i don't know and have no knowledge of. i undoubtedly carry the karma of some of those people. what i think is that it brings so much more into our life in this moment if we consider the here and now and not so much the legacy of our passing through. steven

steven said...

reya - that surprises me. not in a judgemental way but .... well, i'm alright with moving on when that happens. steven

steven said...

erin - first . . . thankyou for the pointer to the blog. it connects gently to this one. then also thankyou for that last sentence because it's in my mind constantly . . . the gossamer thread that runs through our nothingness. steven

Swan Artworks said...

Hello there,
I've been popping by quietly for a little while now to enjoy your words, though Iv'e been a bit too shy to comment much!
I thought I'd just let you know I have passed on to you a Liebster Blog Award... I've posted it here if you felt like taking part:
No obligation of course!

Carrie... :)

steven said...

hi carrie - thankyou for visiting and especially for thinking of this blog for an award. i make no expctations of my visitors and so comments are always a choice that you can make to leave or not! the images come from a place i don't own. likewise the words!!! the award can be as simple as your own gratitude for sharing this remarkable place and for experiencing all that you do. steven

hope said...

This is great encouragement to ALWAYS make your mark...even the smallest ones can make a difference.

steven said...

for sure hope. everything leaves an impression. steven

Linda Sue said...

I am not terribly attached to this existence, or so I think, I have never been tested to see if I have clinging issues- but, from all i have read about those who go and come and go again- it's quite pleasant- there is and expanse and this, what and where we are now is so very limited. I wouldn't mind being the flyer- but the flown who leave us behind make me sad. Self pity? Your brain, your poetry! Le sigh*

steven said...

ahhh linda sue - i'm attached to the idea that i have things to take care of while i am here and then i'll need to move on to something bigger or more pertinent or whatever. right now i'd like to be here very a lot. maybe that's why i'm alive when i wake up in the morning!!! steven

Valerianna said...

This is something.... I'm taking these words off to sleep with me now, they will sink deeper in me and maybe shape a dream or two....

steven said...

valerianna - these words are very much shaped by dreams and so i hope they return through your own dream in a happy and good way!! steven