Sunday, December 18, 2011

come and go

the layering of winter over autumn is so gradual.
the morning arrives rendered as tiny frozen islands that hold their form ever so briefly
until softening and returning to the puddles and pools they emerge from

each night these little spaces breathe in and hold the moment of winter
each day they breathe out and hold the moment of autumn

ebb and flow
swell and deliquesce

it's so much like knowing
and understanding
so much like wishing
and doing

the arrival and the return
braided one into the other


aguja said...

The last two lines - Wow! Fantastic imagery. I do so enjoy reading and taking in your 'thought poems'.

Tess Kincaid said...

The coming of winter, woven gradually into fall...beautiful, my friend...

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah.

I love the dance of the seasons as they shift one to the next. Sometimes it's a dance, sometimes more like a wrestling match!

steven said...

thanks ann! steven

steven said...

tess - this year the melding of the seasons has been more like fingers braided one into the other and then slowly pulling apart and then entwining once more. soooooooooooo slow to change! steven

steven said...

reya - there's a swirling about these seasons - a holding and a lettting go - just a brushing of lips and then ha! gone........ steven

Valerianna said...

This year's braid seems more extreme than others.... that's a wonderful description. And thanks for the story of the heading photo. It reminds me of a romantic landscape painting and a contemporary textural drawing - the birds are decisive marks in the field of gold.

steven said...

valerianna - hmmmmmm. i've watched how steven sees photographs . . . because there's a decision-making process about what to be available to and what to contain and where to share it and when and that tells me about the why of so much. the birds drew me into this scene. they caught pieces of the cloud form behind them with the soft slash marks of their bodies pulling to the east. steven

John Romeo Alpha said...

steven, "swell and deliquesce", I'm going to be rolling that phrase through my mind and off my tongue all day.

steven said...

ha!!! it's all yours john - go nuts!!! steven

aguja said...

Sorry to barge in again, but I just read your comment on my post. Thanks a million! Have a look at what I replied to you ... I am smiling and smiling and so happy that your class liked V.J.
I wondered whether or not it would cross the Atlantic. Interestingly, it is more popular, so far, in Spain than in England .. and now in Canada!Yes, do email me.
Sorry for taking up space!

You keep on writing, too! Your words are so special.

erin said...

i would like to quote back successive lines as they became cleverer and cleverer to me, not in a crafty way per se, but rather as the world unfolds as cleverly constructed herself.


steven said...

you'll know the place. you'll ignore the time. you'll sense the opening. use the words as signposts!! steven