Friday, December 2, 2011

so like so many little wings, so like clouds

there's a place in each one of us -
a small and hushed place
so like the forest floor
where all the pieces
of the sky and the trees
gather and sing
their songs of return

i bet you can feel that place
in your body
as it flutters
like so many little wings
as we pass so much like clouds
through the each of our otherness

and when you rise
from that place
scattering dust
and sunlight
every which way
your body sings
the wordless song that is
the slender echo
of its own becoming
in the small cry
that escapes your mouth


Pauline said...

oh yes!

steven said...

my words also pauline. steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Every word and every line on this is a story. Love it!


Reya Mellicker said...

I do feel it! I really do.

That first picture is astonishing in so many ways.

Friko said...

steven's word music.

Anonymous said...

Speechless and pleasantly moved.

steven said...

jj you are so insightful - every line in this is a story about a story!!! steven

steven said...

reya that top picture was taken from the deck at the back of this house less than two weeks ago. i couldn't believe what i was seeing and when the image landed in iphoto i was entirely unsure as to what was going on because something really was!!! it's like a story, an opening, a swirling unpacking clearing image and little could i have known how entirely prescient it would be to hold off until these words arrived and then they were married as purely and as surely as anything or anyone!!! steven

steven said...

friko - it's what i know!!!! steven

steven said...

gene pool diva hey!!! grab back your speech . . . i'm happy to move you. steven