Sunday, November 27, 2011


i'm so like a kite
soft-papered and soaring
catching the soft and wild winds of the moment
and ripping across the sky
with fluttering tail
and cross-haired body
seeing and feeling and knowing
the detail of every thing
so minutely
so precisely
and as i turn
and see the sun
its red heat brings me
to the horizon's edge
to the edge of my existence
and i call out
if you choose
to bring me back to earth
let me fall
into the arms of the one i love"


Reya Mellicker said...

Oh this is so so beautiful, cross-haired, papery being! Thank you.

Was thinking of you this morning while listening to On Being, with Krista Tippett. They were talking about poetry, how it makes us slow down and how valuable that is in our world today.

Thank you for slowing me down! Thank you.

Valerianna said...

I need to figure out a strategy for commenting here.... cause I read the words and want to respond, but know I need to be with them a bit more to really feel them. I get the photos right away, but the words need time. Is it just me I wonder? Am I too in need of the story? Could I just sink into essence....?

steven said...

reya - thank you for being one of the reasons i am compelled to write and share what i see. thankyou especially today for pointing me towards krista tippett whose ted talk on compassion just filled my ears (and so much more) for the last fifteen minutes. i wish that i could hot link the web address instead of just posting it here for readers to copy-and-paste but for now that's what i'll do. steven

steven said...

valerianna - hello! i feel a small compulsion to try and solve the challenge of commenting on these words. it's a love song. to my existence in this place with all of its crazy and beautiful, simple and complex, capricious experiencings and knowings. the very large love i hold for al and everything grounding in human love. be a kite and imagine your experience as yourself . . . that's what i thought as i let these words flow through. steven

Valerianna said...

That's helpful.... ! So now I can say YES!

steven said...

valerianna - sink into essence. you are essence! steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

beautiful, as ever, steven.

steven said...

oh thankyou weaver! the photograph was taken yesterday as i returned from a ride just north of here. steven

erin said...

you are exposing yourself, your papery being, which is your vulnerable, your hope and your love. there is no choice but to love this.

(OH! and how i was just let to on being last night! what coincidences! but i only read. didn't listen. i will listen now.)


steven said...

erin - this morning i used my oblique strategies cards (brian eno) and it said on the third card "burn a bridge, build a bridge". steven