Friday, November 4, 2011

quietude (for shaista)

all the silence
and all the completeness
of an uncharted space

the darkness

the roughness
softened by the layering of accumulated dust

time lies thickly about


and then sometimes
and utterly

making this
a place to wish
and sometimes
to dream

of worlds
turned outwards
and inwards
all referent points obscured

the cartographer
out of kindness

and then also

as if
there were a gift
to give

i was listening to music called "like pictures" by brian eno and jan peter schwalm when i wrote this piece.


Ruth said...

Inward, outward, mapping in a new way, without borders. That is what I want!

And hugs to [guerilla] Shaista, and you.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

There is something very moving for me in seeing how you use the immaterial treasures of light and silence and darkness to map this connection between two of the most beautiful souls in my blog world, you and Shaista. Thanks for this. Once again, I come to your neck of the woods in quiet expectation and leave in contented gratitude.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I go with Ruth, Sir Steven. And i love "Roughness, softened by the layering of accumulated dust."

Great post! Love it!


Bee said...

The contrast of how time moves (in our perception) really spoke to me.
Thanks, Steven -- for this, and other kind, thoughtful words.

acornmoon said...

Your golden leaf looks like a little goldfish swimming in an autumnal pool.

Pauline said...

quietude, serenity, silence, and your words - all gifts

Shaista said...

Steven, I can't believe this! You dedicated a poem to me? You dedicated a poem to me!! Well, this is a special year for me, no doubt about that :)
I admire you so much, the way you live, the way you write, so I am truly touched and very very chuffed with myself ;)
It is beautiful - too late to show the Dear Parents tonight, but they will be very excited when they read it tomorrow...
A poem by Sir Steven, for Shaista.

steven said...

shaista - i'm honoured to have the privilege of writing about someone as strong, brave, gentle, and good as yourself. thankyou for your generous comment but really, in writing this for you and about you i hope that i managed to convey something of my admiration for you. steven