Monday, November 28, 2011

rain in the night outside my open window

the air is alive with rain-silvered words
scraping their vernacular in coarse ciphers
that bisect the night air from sky to ground
like so many sentence threads
drawn together
as much by coincidence as by chance
and how
can i
ignore the stories
that slowly flow
each little drop
as if each
were the first
and the very last
in a song

i wrote this while listening to thom yorke's "and it rained all night"


Tess Kincaid said...'s raining here, too, as we speak...

steven said...

tess!!! thankyou. steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

wonderfully written again Sir Steven!

have a great week ahead... It's been raining since I left Toronto early morning yesterday on my way to Tillsonburg...


steven said...

jj thankyou - safe journey my friend!!! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Rain does contain the color silver, of course it does. Rain is the moon's sister.


erin said...

this is beautiful. and so i wonder on my complex response which is to feel very strongly, i want to live! and how this moment, this perfect moment, i could die!


hope said...

And it's about to rain here. So I will hear the music in each drop, thanks to you. ;)

steven said...

reya - wow! you know things i could wish to know!!! hmmmmm. steven

steven said...

erin - thankyou . . . the fullness i am inside in this emerging moment is as close to pregnancy as i am likely to experience. the ripeness and the drawing closer to the tiny feather's edge between the life and death of so much more and less than my body . . . in so many ways you know. steven

steven said...

hope - it's my favourite music. i seek it out and miss it when the weather changes this part of the world to somewhere too cold to hold the possibility of rain. steven

Valerianna said...

"rain-silvered words"- that really got me!