Sunday, November 20, 2011

for erin

each of us try to fill this space
with possibilities
and it's no surprise
that like all vulnerabilities
it wavers in uncertitude
a fragility
that i see in so many too wide-open eyes
so many thin and tightened lips

and i don't know why
but when i think of you writing
i see you
the stillness of a duckweed covered pond
as you draw a wooden bucket
across and beneath its skin
skimming its wholeness
into the small hollow space

i wrote this while listening to music created by ingrid chavez entitled "exhale"


Elisabeth said...

I can see why you might dedicate these words to Erin. They're wonderful, Steven.

Ruth said...

What a wonderful image, and dedication.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

picture again, captured beautifully and truly is a nice dedication... have a blessed sunday sir steven!


Reya Mellicker said...

Wow! I wish that is how it was for me, writing and writing this month. I'm more of the slumped couch potato with the laptop kind of writer, putting out words in utter recklessness.


steven said...

elisabeth thankyou. she writes her seeing of the world as i think it but i haven't the courage to follow through on - just yet. steven

steven said...

ruth thankyou. steven

steven said...

jj - thankyou. i wish you both a lovely sunday also. steven

steven said...

reya- the universe is a prety reckless place and i say there's no harm in taking your cure from her!!! steven

erin said...

((steven, if there were brackets enough to quiet these words but there are not))))) thank you

(((i have been away. what if i had never seen this? my god? what if?)))

this is very, very beautiful.


steven said...

erin i believe that you would continue to be your becoming self because whatever's intended arrives when it's needed!! steven

erin said...

steven! you could not be more right! how this discovery followed an evening of conversation that was first necessary, not to mention the 41 necessary preceeding years of living! exactly as they unfolded!

how i hug you!!