Saturday, November 12, 2011

the call

it was so quiet
all i could hear
was the echo of your voice


Linda said...

How reassuring to have another voice echoing. It's as reassuring as that beautiful sun glowing in the distance. And in the foreground. It looks like stubborn sumach leaves refusing to let go of their stems. We had a warm day here today but cold at dawn and dusk. After I leave this comment, the furnace is going on. 6:34 pm.

steven said...

linda thanks for the kind comment. i went out for a late afternoon ride forgetting that the sun is dropped entirely by five. no worry - i got to see another amazing sunset!! steven

Valerianna said...

I;ll say, another great sunset, with those shocking leaves. Its surely an orange/red time and I;m loving it. Again, so many stories contained in a small string of words, isn't that so amazing?

steven said...

valerianna my rides home are coinciding with the sun setting and the scenes are fruitful not only visually but in what they bring out in me. steven