Monday, November 7, 2011

my angel gabriel

i'm pulled
like a leaf on a stream
to sudden flarings

they call me
speaking the soft language
using words without form or definition
and i'm absolutely powerless
to ignore them

no amount of experience
or knowledge
of the possible consequences
can deter me

i've always been excited
by possibilities
and incongruencies

by moments left lying around
by doors and windows left open
by the contents of
cupboards and drawers left ajar
by people unfinished

because each moment,
each possibility,
is tied by a slender thread
to the wholeness

and they cry
(so very like a newborn child)
to be held
drawn closer
and then
- with the cutting of the cord -
must lay bare the very real cord
that frees and contains in one experience
this being here in this place
this reason
this artifice
this dance of light and shadow
this awful leaving
this laying bare
and in the very best of all possible possibilities
the someone
the anyone
is a portal for love
the one love
that knows itself in opposition
and in symmetry
and in all the states in-between


this piece was written while listening to lamb - "gabriel"


Kay said...

steven, this is just wonderful..what more can i say..other than when are you going to put it all together in a book??.xx

steven said...

kay - thankyou! i have a very long way to travel before my words can be presented in anything other than binary code!!! steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

first and foremost, the title caught my attention. The name Gabriel sounds very heavenly to me. Four in my family are named Gabriel, esp my dad and my second older brother who both passed away. and for sure they are the Angels Gabriel guiding us.

and when I clicked and read this, as Kay have said, what more can we say. This is beautiful! Have a greak and blessed week ahead Sir Steven...


Michelle My Bell said...

Your words, your thoughts, the way you expressed them here, just absolutely beautiful...

steven said...

jj! four people in your family named gabriel. i love the name! thanks for the kind wishes. steven

steven said...

michelle thankyou for these generous thoughts! steven