Saturday, November 19, 2011

the last tree in the area to hold her leaves

- my beautiful black cherry girl -

felt the soft knives of a winter wind yesterday

a wind that brought with it the blanket that will cover the skin
she has so reluctantly shed over the last few weeks

i gave her a big hug
and wished her good dreams


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Oh my! That is so sweet. I felt how the tree felt your love. Isn't it wonderful to know that there are people who love nature as much as you do. This is something that we should impart to the youth of today. The love of nature, its beauty and existence. Besides that would make the living worth it...

Have fun this weekend Sir Steven!.. :-)


Linda Sue said...

DANG! I have black cherry girl envy!

hope said...

And I thought I was the only one to actually talk to or hug a tree. :)

I'm convinced that's why the Ol' Gal out front, the largest pecan tree, shares so much bounty with us.

Wonderful photos!

Kay said...

i adore the idea of giving the tree a hug to see her through heart feels so full with this thought it may explode and quite teary that nature touches you so profoundly( as it does me)..but it has been a tough week and tears are never far from the surface!!! xx

Pauline said...

your love for nature spills out and touches all of us