Monday, November 14, 2011

travel safely

our lives, our work, our becoming ourselves
"the journey" is really so many journeys that last a moment
a lifetime
several lifetimes.

it really is so much easier to draw it all under one umbrella
and protect its fragile rice-paper self
from the weather of this sometimes-harsh
sometimes-kind world
by calling it

"the journey"

thus sparing ourselves the trouble
of unpacking it in detail -
first for ourselves and then for the curious (and who can blame them) onlookers
who are eager to see that suffering and joy
and everything in-between and outside of those two little brackets
are not entirely an experience exclusive to them
but are commonplace to everyone -
and then what?!
then what!

my words - written with love...

break out.
break out and travel safely.

fill this world's roads with your soul

i was listening to the beautiful music of "a produce" and loren nerell when i wrote this


Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

I love the way this ends, with your soulful road-filling thought, so in harmony with your travels on foot and wheels. Reading here, eavesdropping on your thoughts, makes it easier to break out of that space we inhabit between those two little brackets.

steven said...

brother lorenzo! what a joy to read your words! it thrills me that you see the emerging theme of the last few posts which in my own convoluted way have attempted to express that very sentiment of finding the space between the brackets to find elevation. steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I love the way you have express this thoughts Sir Steven. I love reading autobiographies because i always find encouragement and inspirations in it. Or lessons that i can use to make my journey better.

Have a great week ahead!


ellen abbott said...

we are individuals but we are one.

steven said...

thanks jj. i don't read many autobiographies - perhaps if i did my own life journey would be that much clearer for their perspective. steven

steven said...

ellen - yes. steven

hope said...

Today all I did was hit potholes at work.

But thanks for reminding me that journey does include moving FORWARD. ;)

steven said...

hope - if it's any consolation i hit a few myself. but . . . there were a few hills through the day that allowed me to get some perspective. steven

Pauline said...

Big sigh of contentment. And your headers are one more beautiful than the other!

steven said...

pauline - thankyou so much and i am so grateful to bring goodnes into anyone's life in whatever form it might take!!! steven

erin said...

we learn from one another, steven. learning from you all the time. here. yes. and in the wonderful comments you leave my way. (lately you have startled me with me the depth of feeling you've shared. i am happy for you that you live so well.)


steven said...

erin - it's all work and play and then there's all the other colours in-between and outside of that!!! thanks for the kind comment. you inspire me so much you'd never believe it if i tried to put it into words!!! steven

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