Monday, March 7, 2011

the warlock

der hexenmeister carl spitzweg

i am the lone man
soft voiced and wise
left to marvel at your sudden leaving
left to wonder at your gradual return
i watch the signs assemble
pointing through
the mist
at the pathways leading
to you

time and wealth
seem so unlikely

the span
from castle to cave
is nothing to me
for i am of those
who see no difference
save the refining
and smoothing of rock
that has known
far greater suffering
in its time
and which like everything
before and after
leaves behind
its own special torment
even as you
leave it behind

for polish
in any form
of itself is facade
born of envy
and so of sorrow

a sorrow
best left
to those
with earthly attachments
who above all else
wistfully crave a form of perfection
that hand-in-hand
with sorrow tinged joy
is so keenly felt
by those
most attached
to this earthly place


Terresa said...

A haunting pairing of words and art.

Among many things, I enjoyed the description of rock, how it has, too, known suffering and a special torment.

Elisabeth said...

Gosh Steven, this is a powerful one, and leaves me speechless. Thanks.

Pauline said...

And who among us is not attached to this earthly place when you show it to us so beautifully?

Bonnie said...

Brilliant steven! This verse speaks to me on so many levels. Thank you!!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh Steven. Sending you hundreds of tiny hearts.

Tess Kincaid said...

I love this. Incredibly elegant and romantic. A beautiful treat. Thank you. x

Jo said...

Watching the signs assemble...oh, wow.

You are such a soft voiced and wise man, Steven.

If the signs are speaking to you, I know you will hear them and heed the message.

Blessings of sweet gentle joys to you today, my friend.

steven said...

terresa, there's suffering in all forms of life and on-life. but suffering of quality. steven

steven said...

elsiabeth - it tumbled out as a piece without editing or revising of any sort. it was waiting for someone to let the words through. here they are. steven

steven said...

pauline - i see this while earthly place as a bridge to something. there are signs and waystations everywhere pointing but i haven't put together where that something is. i'll let you know if i get lucky enough to figure it out! steven

steven said...

bonnie thankyou for being available to the words. steven

steven said...

reya - i have a painting of that somewhere. one day i'll find it and post it here and you'll see yourself. steven

steven said...

tess thankyou so much. it was thrilling to write because the words were right there as the man looked out at me from the painting. steven

steven said...

jo thankyou for the kind wishes. you're such a very kind and gentle person. it's a disarming, unseating experience to realize that there's a purpose to each life and that it's entirely optional to either honour or disregard that purpose. the purpose can be narrow and even simple, or broad and complex. no matter. it has its place in the life of the unfolding creation and then also in the soul through which it is manifesting. the work unfolds given your availability to it. steven

Dan Gurney said...

Wonderful post and comments: "it's a disarming, unseating experience to realize that there's a purpose to each life and that it's entirely optional to either honour or disregard that purpose."

To disregard the purpose of your life is a perilous choice and one which would lead to more suffering, I would think. Far better to take up one's purpose and engage fully in life.

Titus said...

Profound and incredibly beautiful steven.

And we all like dragons here!