Thursday, March 31, 2011

a return

this is for jo and reya
singing and dancing
under washington's snow-kissed blossoms

"capitol cherry" image courtesy of reya mellicker

you can feel
soft press
of spring's lips
on the morning snow

as it kisses
the unfolding trees
and sets the blossoms trembling
in the great yawning space
that suddenly opens
in this microcosm
of the universe
as much of the connection
of all things
as of the distance
between our knowing
its allness
and our experiencing
of its intimacy

music for this moment . . .
arborea's take on robbie basho's "blue crystal fire"


Dan Gurney said...

What a lovely photo that Reya took! What a sublime poem you wrote. So good! I love it here at the Golden Fish. I'm listening to Arborea and watching the water shimmering in the window. Very nice understated guitar work. The sort of music I loved in the sixties and love still. Simple, good.

Thank you, steven.

lorely said...

Love the cherry tree blossoms in washington d.c....brings back east coast memories...thanks for bringing it!

Reya Mellicker said...

I am honored! Beautifl, Steven.

Friko said...

Lovely, words and music.

Meri said...

we know so little
of infinity and grace
just think we know all

aguja said...

A perfect post, Steven. I enjoyed it to the full.

acornmoon said...

I love the blue of that flower, it is almost impossible to
mix that colour. That blue has red and something else so elusive. If you find its secret let me know!

Your words are the perfect accompaniment.

Valerianna said...

Beautiful. And the song is JUST perfect for this moment..... a stillness in the air, dark clouds gathering, they say we will get up to 18 inches by Friday night. I've stocked up on wood, kindling and food... now dreaming with your words and song offering.... purrrrfect.

HA! And the word verification word is "sonica".... I don't know why that seems perfect, but I think it is!

steven said...

dan - i started to find music like this in the sixties and now there's a similar vibe but somehow it dives deeper. i'm so glad you are here dan. steven

steven said...

lorely, i have east coast memories from family road trips but they were at an age and stage in my life where i wasn't receptive to the details and so when i visit reya's blog and see washington unfurling its blossoms . . . well wow!!! steven

steven said...

reya - i wished to honour you and jo and so i am thrilled to have succeeded!!! steven

steven said...

thankyou very much friko!! steven

steven said...

yeah meri!! i'm here to listen and learn and share the process. steven

steven said...

thankyou very much aguja. steven

steven said...

valerie i saw it in cuba. i'm so lost in the beauty of the little things that i don't even know their name. i know from my own work with watercolour and acrylics that there's science and then there's alchemy. the latter leads occasionally to serendipitous accidents. steven

steven said...

valerianna - we got a dusting of snow this morning. i rode through it on my bicycle - it was like the reexperiencing of the innocence of the first snowfall of the season - again. purest magic. purest eyes wide open kind of wows tumbling off my lips. i'm so grateful for your kind words about this post. i wanted it to be a good place. steven

Ruth said...

The allness and the intimacy. That's precisely what I feel at the golden fish every day.

Perfect music match.

Jo said...

Steven, I'm sorry to have been unable to comment until now.

I'm deeply honored, and your words convey my feelings exactly.

Distance, space, time...all connect seemlessly when we are with certain people. Such is the case with Reya.

Many thanks for this beautiful post. I hope to catch up on your work this week!

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

I loved this poem and this music, so quiet... leads us remember magics memories of life.
Thank's steven.

steven said...

oa.s i'm glad that you found this. i wanted to create a very soft and thankful space for two very dear friends who inspire and support me each and every day! steven