Friday, March 11, 2011


the surface of this world
is like a painting

a painting
ripe with symbols

that point like signposts
to the deeper places

the richer places

the places that you
have felt
with your intuition

the places
that have nothing to do
with this place

no words
no ideas


my eyes

my heart opens

then my self

then i am
no more


Jo said...



Valerianna said...

Taken on a meditation. Great skies!

Pauline said...

are you sure you don't leave a trace behind? some thought, some word, some idea, some energy?

stunning photos

steven said...

jo - i know that we all are. i'm so grateful for that!!! steven

steven said...

valerianna - this came from a meditation under great skies!! steven

steven said...

pauline - i'm not sure. i haven't really thought about what's left behind. there are memories, visual tags, sensory pieces, but energy - well i don't know. you see i don't have any experience of ghosts and so i reserve comment on such matters. what do you think? steven

Vicki said...

Unbelievably beautiful Steven, you never cease to amaze me...

steven said...

vicki - i'm just who i am. but thankyou so much for your generous response!!! steven

R. Burnett Baker said...

"...and then I am no more." And yet, on some level you (and we all) "are" always...


Pauline said...

I think energy is the most mutable of forces and that when our bodies die, the energy that made us alive mutates into something else - I like to think of death as our "change form" day. WHAT we become is open for discussion...

ellen abbott said...

sinking into the earth, becoming one with the universe.