Wednesday, March 16, 2011

in this softly painted place

i could live
in this softly painted place
knowing it as
a wonder
a small magic

to see
the world from


Elisabeth said...

The line of snow atop this branch is lovely, and slowly melting.

Ruth said...

How gorgeous, Steven. The image is like a film still. I can't quite figure out the lighting (and I don't really want to know: was it night with flash, was it day, early?). The snow is utterly striking.

To see the world from a softly painted place: yes.

Thank you.

ellen abbott said...

oh steven, you continue to delight me with your nature photos.

Reya Mellicker said...

You DO live in a softly painted place, Steven. Definitely.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Softly painted by snow - the best.

Linda said...

Everyone would love to be in your softly painted world of small magic and wonder instead of out here in this world this week. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to visit today, with you. Hugs.

aguja said...

Your words read as a wish, a sigh, a respite from all that is tainted; almost as a child wishes.

Linda Sue said...

Lovely shot! And the gentle words make it even more dreamy- been ill - son brought all three Lord of the Rings, each 3 hours long, I watched all of them- your poem and photo continue my bliss of the shire.I am so relieved that there are not battles here on your blog- no need to save the world of man- already been saved and now we can just hunker down in the softly painted Steven place. Whew!