Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and for where

i'm in the sky
above a continent
chasing down the holy life giving sun

it's setting slower than most
so i keep catching it
over and over

for a while

in the hands of my eyes
i hold its slender glowing form
like an umbilical cord
close inside
the thinking and feeling
of my body
connected through
the exquisite scatter of rays
marking the spaces between the cardinal points
softening the math
welcoming the art

it drifts free of its tethers
and catching my breath
i watch it settle
beneath the horizon

birthed in other eyes

sunset over the northeastern united states march 12. 2011


Tess Kincaid said...

Love your new tanned avatar! Looks like you caught a few of those holy rays.

ellen abbott said...

I took a flight west at sunset once. It lasted almost as long as the flight.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow!! This is beautiful.

I remember flying from San Francisco to London once at summer solstice. The flight took us way north, almost over the north pole so the sun was with me all night, hovering close to the horizon, but never setting. I'll never forget it.

Couldn't believe other passengers slept through it!

Dan Gurney said...

"birthed in other eyes"

Just so. Love it.

I've had airplane experiences similar to these. Inner journeys are equally rewarding and are easier on Mother Earth.

steven said...

tess - i welcomed four months of sun into my body in one week. it was blissful! steven

steven said...

ellen i've seen sunsets from planes before but this one was truly breathtaking. steven

steven said...

reya wow what a journey! i was glued to the window both ways. it just blows me away to be sitting at 40 thousand feet above the ground and being able to see so much! steven

steven said...

hey dan i'm with you on this . . i'm not drawing a thick line between the inner and outer any more. they talk to each other and about each other all the time. steven