Sunday, March 13, 2011


hello! i have made some adjustments to the golden fish comments area to allow for you to pop your comments in without my moderation as i am spending some time in cuba with the golden fish research team. we'll be staying in the town where one of the heroes of the first half of my life - che guevara - was laid to rest.

cameras, notebooks, and a pack of my favourite superfine markers have been packed along with little tins and bags of special tasties. the selected outerwear is on the bright and colourful side of the golden fish wardrobe.

i'm so excited to see what i see. who knows what might come out of it!!! steven


aguja said...

Wow! How brilliant! Have a fantastic time .... and share it with us!

Liza Ursu said...

I'm excited to see what you see too steven!
Have fun!

ellen abbott said...

I didn't realize we could visit Cuba now. Have a great time.

Pauline said...

can't wait to see what comes of your sojourn!

Bonnie said...

Have a fabulous getaway steven!

Ellen: Canadians are free to travel to Cuba.

Dan Gurney said...

Have a great time in Santa Clara! I hope you'll post some "travel-log" posts about your travels here.

Che seems to be either a demonic or an heroic or in American culture, depending on whether we're persuaded by capitalistic/corporate voices or we are willing to listen to a point of view that values people over profits. I'm listening to the ABC "Issues and Answers" program linked on Wiki link you provided.

I don't think US officials are ready to grant the freedom for our citizens to visit Cuba. Our tourists would see Cuba, a country poorer than US and yet doing better than US in terms of literacy rates, health and maternity care!

splendid said...

love the new header photo
like in a dream
perhaps your whole life is like that
or just mine?

keep sharing

Penny said...

Come back with new ideas and a new perspective, wait with anticipation on your findings, photos and sketches.

Terresa said...

Cuba! Buen viaje, amigo!

I'm jealous, enjoy it, looking forward to future posts about it!