Tuesday, January 10, 2012


as i slept
i could feel her
brush against my face

i dreamt of wings
and small moths

a candle that guttered timorously

i even saw my own eyes
wild and glittering

gone to earth
all filled with scent
and wish
and the wholeness of her


Reya Mellicker said...

Someone shape changed and fluttered through your dreams. How sweet is that?

The Weaver of Grass said...

The usual thoughtful post steven.

Jo said...

Such a beautiful shot of magical Selene, Steven. She would enchant even the most timorous among us. xo

Valerianna said...

Mysterious and magical....

ha! my word verification word is "vings".... of course, German for wings... that brushed your face while you slept.

steven said...

reya - sweet as can be . . . . steven

steven said...

weaver - we aim to please . . . steven

steven said...

jo - she was mesmerizing last night and when she's entirely full and pregnant with light well i cannot take my eyes off her. steven

steven said...

valerianna - what a serendipitous word!!!! steven

Linda Sue said...

sometimes i want to swallow her whole! sometimes I want to shoot her. You, of course, are much more sensitive and kind- She is flattered and glows especially brightly for you.
The moon in Pa'ia was bowl shaped, it held little bits of dark spots. Very unusual.