Sunday, January 1, 2012


in this life
we are compelled to live
so thoroughly
and completely

there are
so many wishes
so many hopes
and so many dreams
racing across the skin of us

and as each holds our hands
or kisses our eyelids
or whispers brave words in our ears
they wash across the body of us
so much like a wave

and softening
the edges
of who we are

and given time
we become
an inseparable
and polished singularity

a point
of completion

a place of peace

a locus for the energy
that draws us together

simply because the universe
and so wishes for us to lose
in its love
that it draws us together
into deliquesced forms
and says:

"this is
how it is ...
this is how
it must be ...

leave everything behind,
and become"


with love
as one year ends and another begins


one of my favourite pieces of music - wave created by david sylvian and robert fripp

here are david sylvian's words for this song......

i'm also very fond of this instrumental rendering of wave which appears on the 'camphor' collection


hope said...

Waving back at you and wishing you all the best!

steven said...

ha!!! good hope. a sweet year for you and your favourite people!!! steven

erin said...

they wash across the body of us
so much like a wave
, or like a leaf across a body of snow. god, your new header is gorgeous.

is this true, steven? is our destined end to move toward love? i should hope so but i do not know so. but perhaps moving toward being absorbed in the whole, to finding our conterpoint, the merging of all opposites, this reestablishes balance and peace and ?love(?) i should like to think so.

(thank you for what you said my way in regards to regionalism:) kiss kiss:)


ellen abbott said...

A new year full of possibility unfolds.

You never fail to stun me with your header pics.

steven said...

erin that leaf left its mother yesterday and so like all leaves that wish to return to a place where they have more value than inside my home i returned it to the other side of the walls and windows and as it lay there i saw in its pale gold calligraphy the song of the body arcing and cresting holding back releasing. the wind took it. steven

steven said...

ellen thankyou. i'm very grateful for your kind comments about the headers. i wonder if they are so nice to look at because they are the easiest part of the blog process for me? i'm so very not in the way of them the way i am with words. steven

lorely said...

Let the wave enfold and may its power envelope you in goodness for another new year...Happy New Year Steven!

Bee said...

Perfect thought for the new year.

steven said...

lorely thankyou for that brave wish!!!! i wish a happy year for you. steven

steven said...

ahhhhh bee . . . thankyou. steven

Jo said...

I hope I'm not too late to add my wishes to you for waves and waves of wishes and hopes and whispers and kisses during the coming year.

steven said...

"too late" jo? oh no not at all!! thankyou very much!!!! steven