Saturday, January 7, 2012

the maps of me

each day
i pull the maps of myself
on like so many clothes

pick a map
i'll be that terrain

keep the map
and memorize those contours
hold me to them

as i'll hold you
to yours


Titus said...

Startling opening metaphor; few lines but much to think on.

And Happy New Year!

steven said...

titus this piece was there as it is presented and it is definitely a fragment but i liked it enough to pop it up here. after i read your comment i wondered if anyone visiting would care to extend it or even finish it?! hmmmm. steven

aguja said...

Very clever Steven! Most adroit! You are always one to amaze in that your poems sweep the arena of variation in theme, compostion and aspect.

Finish it? It is complete in itself and not a fragment at all ... those are my thoughts.

Friko said...

a new steven every day? Or the same steven in different colours.

Whichever, I like him.