Wednesday, January 11, 2012


in the slow stumbling morning that dances in floor bound piles under my dragging feet, i catch a small thought passing by. i am failing to see the shifting of a glorious opportunity as in the mid-winter, the sun rises later, negating the need to further upset my fragile body (upon which i already place so many demands) by getting up exceptionally early to see this daily event! and so mother nature, mother earth, sister sky, brother sun and to all the stars who glitteringly gather just before the unfolding, the unfurling, the grand revelation
of this glorious and wondrous event, a heartfelt thankyou.
you're all beautiful!
really, you are!!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

This was good to read steven as the sun has just this moment risen here and the hall, where my computer is, is suddenly flooded with golden light.

Anonymous said...

When I need inspiration, I visit you, and I'm never disappointed. Embrace the day -Kelly

Valerianna said...

I like the tone of this - casual, intimate, simple but full. It feels celebratory in a way I need this morning, though I missed the sunrise. Next week I'll be back to school and seeing quite a few of them though!

Jo said...

I agree!

What I find most surprising is that I love to watch the sun rise and set while I'm by myself, alone with my observations. Yet when I do, I feel the connection to others more strongly than ever before.