Sunday, January 15, 2012


i know the art of evoking happy moments, and live again my past curled up in your lap.
for what is the good of seeking your languorous beauty elsewhere than in your dear body
and in your so gentle heart?
i know the art of evoking happy moments

baudelaire (from "the balcony")


joanne May said...

I see that you seek the beauty in nature! So do I.
Those happy and peaceful moments alone are moments of enlightenment.
Beautiful words and images. Thank you for sharing.

Many blessings,

Ruth said...

Steven, I now have memories cuddling in natures lap, though I have none with parents. I look forward to this time with my grandson! (Not quite here yet.)

steven said...

joanne - nature is such a great metaphor for so much!!! my own experience is that nature seeks me to remind me to be more aware of what beauty and love are. thankyou for your kind words!!! steven

steven said...

ruth - hmmmmmm - this is an interesting comment that causes me to reflect on my own experiences of cuddling. my own children are not at the place of creating their own children yet and so i am still contented by holding them - when they let me!!!! steven

Valerianna said...

"I know the art of evoking happy moments".... yes, I'd say I'm good at that - and finding the gentleness in hearts. Both are definitely an art- and a commitment- cause my partner of long ago was much versed in finding mostly challenging energy from the world and evoking anger from hearts! Don't know why these words took me here, but, there you have it.

steven said...

it seems like a natural unfolding to me valerianna - there's learning in opposition and learning from past experiences doesn't always end when you might wish it to!!!! steven