Thursday, January 26, 2012

my bruvver's birfday

my bruvver david was born on january 26th 1960.

1960 was a busy year but my bruvver was too little to really know what was going on around him.

so here's what was going on in 1960!

here's a pic of when i first really knew him . . . he's the little dude on the left!!!


love from steven


Elisabeth said...

My bruvver was born in 1960, too. My youngest brother by seven years, so I looked older than you in the family snap shot. Gorgeous boys.

steven said...

i think it was a good year elisabeth!!! it took us quite a while to reach the point where we truly loved each other and were (and are) able to express that sense of each other but here we are!!!! steven

Valerianna said...

I don't have a brother, but I used to imagine I did and he was "away at war" - what WAS I thinking?

Your face hasn't changed at all, except maybe its a bit more angular!

Jo said...

What a beautiful and happy post! Congratulations to Little Bruvver for scoring such a great big bruvver!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Happy birthday to your bruvver!