Thursday, January 5, 2012

i got scared

i knew you
and for that reason alone
i couldn't look
directly into your own knowingness

and yet,
from our tiny entireties
we spoke the unspeakable

"i know you"

and began

sharing all that we could
of what we believed had passed since last
we had known each other

and the details were like points
on a map so vast and so detailed
that it passed through and beyond us

and drawing that map about us
with the thoroughness of our eachness

we named it love
from memory

i was listening to a very brief but beautiful piece of music by "clouded staircase"
called "i got scared" when i wrote these words.


aguja said...

So beautifully poignant, Steven. Your words grow and blossom in each of your posts and I look forwad to each gem that appears here.
As poetry is my favourite word form, I so enjoy poetry blogs. I think that poetry is a little more prominent than it was, and the more it is the more contented I feel. To be able to create a thought, a world, an atmosphere using few words is a wonderful talent.

Elisabeth said...

Stunning words, Steven, and like points on a map ad icicles on a snowflake they point ever outwards towards beauty.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It is interesting to meet friends from our past and to realise that we have separated and had such different experiences and then come together again. It has happened to me a few times - you describe the feeling well steven.

Ruth said...

It takes courage to step onto that ice: will it be too thin, or will it hold? Much as Miles Davis's trumpet playing is called "a man treading on eggshells," such explorations and improvisations can lead to mindbloggling beauty.

steven said...

thanks very much "aguja". i'm not sure if i write poetry. the physical form of it perhaps .... but the content? i don't know. steven

steven said...

thanks elisabeth - i'm thinking about memories, people, and the internal remembering that takes place every so often. "oh hi!" to myself even! steven

steven said...

ahhh weaver - yes it is interesting to meet old friends. steven

steven said...

ruth yes!!! the reconnection of pieces that in the terms of this world disconnected and yet in some other iteration of this world were entirely connected. it's hard to separate the surface of the experience from the deeper mapping and yes the surface is sometimes very thin ice!!! steven

Valerianna said...

"and the details were like points
on a map so vast and so detailed
that it passed through and beyond us" LOVE that...

steven said...

thankyou valerianna!!! steven

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always. Your blog, the words, the pictures, a shiney opalescent gem for us to treasure. Thank you

steven said...

hey gene pd, thankyou so much for those sweet kind words!!! opalescent!!! i'll absorb that for sure!!!! steven