Tuesday, January 3, 2012

light falls

light falls
into the cupped hands
of a snow cloud


Shaista said...

Sir Steven, Happy New Year! Light cupped in your hands defines your poetry and your visual art. What sort of a year will we all have, I wonder?

steven said...

shaista thankyou so very much for that comparison!!! my hope is to bring some sort of goodness into the world through whatever i do. i wonder each day what sort of a day i will have. a whole year is beyond my imagining!!! however. i wish you a year filled with the beauty and goodness you draw to yourself and generously share. steven

Jo said...

What extraordinary photos, Steven, accompanied by extraordinary thoughts. Thank you for capturing the beauty of such a moment.

steven said...

jo . . . these things . . the briefest of moments - caught . . . then pass as if nothing happened. did they happen? steven