Friday, January 6, 2012

so very flow

you flow
so very far
past the horizon

and the ache of distance
draws the wires of us apart

i stand here in this emptiness
feeling the last breath of this night
pass through me
and turning to return inside
i breathe out the space we contain
to the scattered and far-flung places
we call home


Lizzie said...

There is an openess to your poems, that is really beautiful. I love how they expand your mind. Lovely.

Ruth said...

There is grief, at times, to go inside and close the door, to feel that distance. Yet we carry it here, inside.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Can home be scattered? Regardless of "can", it is, isn't it?

steven said...

hey john - i think "home" as an idea isn't entirely contained in a house. there are little places, some real, some imagined, there are memories that hover and there's more even than that brief list that i think of as "home". steven

steven said...

lizzie thankyou for this very generous comment!!! i love sharing what's going on in my experiencing of this place. steven

steven said...

ruth - it's entirely a public containment, yes. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Scattered and far-flung indeed. Also deep within the home of the heart which can be scattered, if you're me, that is.

Happy morning, Steven.

steven said...

ahhh reya you completed my thought without my knowing that was what was wanting to be said here!!!! thankyou. steven

hope said...

Finishing up my vacation by noting I've read you every day, but sped past commenting. Beautiful words, as always!

steven said...

hope - i place no expectations on my readers to leave a comment - of course i'm always delighted when they do! so thankyou for this . . . . steven