Thursday, January 12, 2012

faithful indeed

two souls drawn together in this incarnation as tiny purple flowers!!!!!
a summer shot . . . i'm swimming through these in a sort of cathartic meditation . . . . .

faithful indeed
is the spirit that remains
the spirit that remembers

such a spirit
over and over
asking the same questions
offering the same possibilities

but with fresh words
softer brushes
more knowing ways

a kindness
grounded in the essence
of goodness

i wrote this while listening to this beautiful piece of music "the spirit that remembers" by the astonishing yorkshireman bill nelson from his new work "realms of light"


Elisabeth said...

This one sends goosebumps up and dow my spine, Steven. Apologies for a well worn cliche, but what else can I say when these words come first to mind. Word words are less cliched, and far more resonant. Thanks.

Ruth said...

I think of this when I think about my soon-to-be-born grandson. What will his spirit remember as he begins to grow and age? Is it our soul we remember? The soul of the other, of ourselves? Finding the truth of us. It takes a lifetime to keep getting at it, with those same questions, over and over. Thank you.

steven said...

elisabeth and ruth - i've been wondering about the idea of connected soul inside the bodies of many people. is that likely? it just seems that there is something of a journey contained in one thread of the people i have in my life and that there is a consistent effort on their part to have a particular purpose towards me and then i too see my place in theirs but not as a singular entity. i've grown up with the one soul/one body model fixed and it opened for me and now i wonder! steven

erin said...

isn't it incredible that we wake each day and with the brush of our spirits lightly touch upon the same questions over and over again, learning incrementally, sometimes by not learning at all, or even by forgetting or failing. perhaps learning mostly by failing. and then we rise again into a new day. and not just us, but our family, our lineage, generations, humanity itself, over and over again, rising and touching, failing, learning, forgetting, and rising again. will we ever get any farther?

but that is not the point, is it?


Reya Mellicker said...

I do believe in oversouls, undersouls, overarching souls and personal souls.

I love soul music and soul food.

Best of all, I love soulful beings, like you!

Jo said...

So many gifts, so many messages, all grounded in the essence of goodness, are left unopened and unread by so many of us.

How lovely to be reminded to be aware of them. Thank you.

Valerianna said...

I have to say that of all my visits here, this piece seems to have breathed itself into being.... seemingly simple and effortless, wise and knowing - a real GEM!