Thursday, September 8, 2011


my access points for the natural world
as a whole
or in microscopic detail
so much like the skin
i live inside

my body
my medium for being here

is so conditional
i can feel
in its tiny decays
the muted clarion call
to live
a life
comprised of moments
each describing
however obliquely
the one great moment
of being
that has no referents in space or time
and which i represent
through my being
as fully
or as thoroughly
as i allow myself


Jinksy said...

The pink/light entities in this picture are joyous!

steven said...

hi jinksy!!! in all the photographs i've taken, these are the first pink entities that have floated up and away and allowed themselves to be seen! steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Honestly, the picture was the one that caught my attention. It's beautiful sir. And then when i started reading, the lines that you draw in there is more beautiful than the pic, deep and meaningful.


Reya Mellicker said...

The pink entities are good spirits, indeed.

Sublime post today, of course.

The bottom pic ... what is it? So cool.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the idea of small moments becoming one steven. I think that describes the process of living very well.

ellen abbott said...


Valerianna said...

Good one(s)! The last photo is sort of like Barnett Newman meets blurry realism - great image!

And because I KNOW you like whacky words, here's my word ver. today - "hyjzs" - Is it Japanese meets Polish? What do you think? My brain was trying to make sense of it when I remembered that it was gibberish .... yikes!

Pauline said...

how true! allow yourself to grow and encompass as much as you can and be present in every bit of it!

steven said...

jj i really like the first picture a lot. it was a beautiful morning down by the river with friends. i walked to the water's edge and caught two images - each will appear here eventually. this one's the first. steven

steven said...

reya the bottom pic is of my body reflected in the rain water in a parking lot - the yellow is the markings around two parking spaces. i saw the photograph before i took it. steven

steven said...

weaver i think they are all connected anyway but somehow we perceive them as seprate - probably because we can't manage to perceive the whole ... except in the part! steven

steven said...

ellen - oh yes! steven

steven said...

valerianna - say it out loud . . . slowly . . . very slowly. breathe out as you say it. you either end up with 'hi jesus' or you what i get which is a slow exhalation that moves from vibration to sibillation to whisper. sweet! steven

steven said...

and pauline that is what you are at that moment in time. steven

Valerianna said...

Oh yes, of course... hi jesus...!