Monday, September 12, 2011

into reflection

on this day, after one so filled with memories and associations
particularly for my american friends,
i'd like to share with you the music of robert fripp.

this piece of music is entitled "refraction" and was part of a soundscapes performance
at the world financial center on december 1, 2000.

robert was musician-in-residence at that time.

an astonishing feature of the soundscapes
is that 'of being true to the moment in which they are performed,
to act in accordance with time, place and person.' (rf).

robert has also observed that soundscaping
"has the aim of finding ways in which intelligence and music,
definition and discovery,
courtesy and reciprocation
may enter into the act of music for both musician and audience".

(please note that it is the artist's wish for this particular piece to be shared,
free of commerce, with those who want to listen and reflect.)

(click on this link to access the music)

if the music intrigues you, then this note which accompanies its posting at ars divina
might help you place it or locate it somewhere in your understanding.
then again it might leave you even more baffled.

robert's music can be purchased at dgm.

love, peace, and - above all - hope to my american friends.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I echo those thoughts Steven - and the music is charming.

steven said...

thanks for your kind thought weaver. a place and a day to reflect ...... steven

Titus said...

Yes, above all, hope. Love to you, and peace for us all.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Thank you, Steven. The comments by Robert Fripp on the link you provided were helpful, but more importantly, they were thoughtful, intelligent, and kind.


steven said...

beautifully expressed thoughts titus. thankyou.

steven said...

rick- my wife expressed her understanding of the significance of 9.11 yesterday by pointing out that it was an event coloured and created by malice. that quality distinguishes it from natural disasters. steven