Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the first day

on the premise that a good beginning informs a good ending
i approach the first day of school with care.
not caution.

and so arriving quickly at the end of an afternoon
we look at each other and wonder at where a day could have flown.
what wings carried us here?

skies of astonishment and wonder arrive unbidden and carry us on their soft backs.

i wonder what we'll see, where we're going, who we'll meet, why we'll go there.
this is what it's like.
in a classroom.
on the first day.


Pauline said...

with care, not caution - it's what makes you a good teacher! lovely post.

ellen abbott said...

The first day is always full of possibility no matter what you are experiencing.

Friko said...

I hope your pupils are full of wonder too, and know how to appreciate and look forward to the experience they will share with you.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Knowing you by the old posts that ypu have, your pupils will always be in good hands. Just like how wonderful as a father you are, for sure these kids are up to something good that they will carry on their lives.

Have fun!