Sunday, September 11, 2011

up above the world so high

some evenings draw
some evenings sing
some evenings dance

to a close

this evening
told the story
of earth's beginning
of a time when there were no people
animals only knew
about themselves and plants
and how closely they were connected

and why

and the skies were soft with wonder
and love
and the care
that left
the possibility
of people entirely
to the vagaries
of nature
and the necessities of the universe

and when

people arrived
and made the changes they required
without really
asking anyone
it didn't matter that much
because the evenings still drew
the evenings still sang
and some evenings still danced

to a close


ellen abbott said...

Beautiful sky!

Jo said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

The ways the evening draws to a close are so unique and so dear to me. Quite personal, and yet you have described it perfectly.

Linda Sue said...

Amazing sky, holds us in...sometimes in a soft cotton ball gentleness. sometimes not. Beautiful !

steven said...

thanks ellen. i'm glad to be able to share it. steven

steven said...

jo - it's amazing at this time of year. the skies grab my eyes every time i go outside. i do "yard duty" at school and as i walk around i take photographs. on my rides to and from school i take photographs. in the evening i take photographs. soon the trees will grab my eyes as well. i just got in from a ride north of here and they are gently turning already, geese are doing practice flights and there's a lovely feeling in the air of the coming changes. steven

steven said...

linda sue - there's a spectrum of possibilities inside the relationship we feel with the sky. yours was coloured no doubt by the terrific volume of rain that washed away so much of your summer. mine was coloured blue - every shade. there was not a lot of rain this summer at all. i wouldn't have minded more because i truly love rain as much as i love the sun. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

So so beautiful. Thanks for this today, Steven.

Animals actually never ask permission either.

steven said...

reya that made me laugh!!! i'm glad to share this beautiful evening with everyone. steven

hope said...

Beautiful thoughts on a day of mixed emotions for me.

Thanks again for my moment of Zen. :)