Monday, September 26, 2011

an idealist

i'm an idealist.
i know that that is probably as obvious as anything this universe has or ever will concoct. but i figured i'd better get it out of the way.
let's move on!

i'm an idealist. and i wish for people and things and experiences to be as beautiful and good and real and truthful and transformative as they possibly can be.
because wishes are about what is outside the realm of the immediately possible.
they are about what could happen in some ideal state.
perhaps even what could happen in a necessary state.

for example, i wish to be removed from the necessity to pass judgement.
really i do!
i'd like to know ... i'd love to know ... what it's like to experience a situation and remain as objective as possible for as long as possible.

will that happen - i really don't know.
i'd sure like to know.

what i do know is that people suffer in the space that is described by the distance
between the actual and the wished for.
i also know that at times i'm one of those people.
but let's move on.

another wish that i have is to be able to express how i see this world and then also and maybe even more especially, the worlds that are embedded in this world. it's why i write this blog. i get intimations, little glimpses, that are so clearly describing one very small part of what i wish to see in its entirety that i share it with the same glee and delight that a boy would experience upon finding a coin
while digging on the beach in search of a chest of doubloons.

it's strange to put it that way i guess but i do see worlds overlapping, enfolded, unfurling like fractals, all connected of course but available depending on the circumstances of the person, place, history, need, purpose; oh yes, it's a convoluted and detailed picture i have in my head. and believe me when i say here that i am only just beginning to unpack it, so only time will tell where this ends up, or if it even has an endpoint.

i'm hoping also - let's call it a wish while i'm firing so many all over the place - that i can eventually know why i wish to see the world this way
and why i need to share it.


aguja said...

..... because that is how the world should be, so it is natural to hope that one day it will be so. This post is so genuinely beautiful and honest and I loved reading your thoughts and hopes. I am also encouraged that there will be many who share this view of life. Continue to be yourself and hold onto your hopes, which will radiate out to others.

I have only time to pause for commenting before being off again (England this time) but am glad that I caught this post. I will be back mid October, but am leaving pots of Ireland for while I am away - you might enjoy some of them.

Ruth said...

Best wishes, Steven.


Arian Tejano said...

"be removed from the necessity to pass judgement."

I learned something from that. Thanks for sharing.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

being ideal is probably everyone's dream or wish or hope. there is nothing wrong with it i believe.

best wishes sir steven! :-)


The Weaver of Grass said...

How aptly the picture goes with your thoughts Steven. I think a lot of your reflections apply to us all - certainly I see things one way on one day and then something happens and I see things from another angle. Idealism is a good asset to have - even if one can never achieve it.

erin said...

because you are alive.

you see a root push through?

you are you.

me too.

and one of my favorites, life begets life.

oh, and there is tropism.


Titus said...

'...people suffer in the space that is described by the distance
between the actual and the wished for.' - and, more sadly for me, what is needed.

Thought-provoking today steven. I admire idealism and the purity of the idealist's intent. I don't know if it is an aspiration I have - in certain respects, areas, maybe.

Linda Sue said...

gobsmacked- by all- text and photos! First one- peering between sails, last one an octopus gone for a wander...adventure far from the sea- no judgement but there are things about it that are disquieting, for a sea creature. Where to draw the line- observance or judgement- things are what they are. Wishes are "wants" and somebody real smart one time said "want not".Balance might be the thing- you balance some folk's bitchiness ( that would be mine)- and I thank you...Everyone thanks you!

Friko said...

I wish that life will treat you as kindly as you treat the world and that you will continue to share your gentle musings with us.

Laura said...

I remember a journey I once took.
I remember a journey I once took and didn't know why.
I remember the bits and pieces I shared, not knowing why, just because there was beauty.
I remember the reactions to that beauty that were shared with me and how much that meant, being so far away.

Steven, thanks for sharing your thoughts. They are beautiful.

steven said...

aguja - i so envy you your travels!!! lucky lucky you. thankyou for your kind comments on today's post. there's so much more to unpack for now this is what's available to be shared. steven

steven said...

ruth - you're lovely!! thankyou. steven

steven said...

hi arian - i try to imagine what it would be like to be non-judgemental. it seems so improbable and then so worthy of trying. steven

steven said...

jj thanks for the wishes!!! steven

steven said...

ahhh weaver - i always aim high. steven

steven said...

erin - you're ever so much the voice of reason and then also the voice that calls from somewhere far away. steven

steven said...

titus - fair call about the space between what people have and what is needed. it's site specific. i think of what my student's families sometimes need and then compare that to what a family in the sudan would describe as needed. steven

steven said...

linda sue - the want not piece is so very very hard because we have minds that quest and wander and wonder and that leads to notions of need and want and wish and it's not all bad really but i do wish i could know this world without judgement. it'd be so much more fun i think!!! steven

steven said...

friko - thanks for tha very generous wish! we'll see what my body can do about maintaining itself sufficient to let my mind continue to function!!! steven

steven said...

laura - i've not seen you for a very long time it seems. thanks for your writing. really. thanks. steven

hope said...

Thank you for explaining that being idealist is NOT the same as being naive!

And like you, the question of "why?" is not meant to be nosy, it's merely me trying to figure out all the intricacies of the world. :)

Jo said...

Steven, I sometimes think it is a curse to be an idealist, and share some of the same conflicted thoughts about being one myself.

I have the double whammy of being an optimist, as well. Sheesh! That's why I'm called Pollyanna sometimes.

I'm so glad you're willing to unpack it all in front of us and share the treasures you find within!

The root pushing through says it all, doesn't it? Beautiful.