Sunday, September 25, 2011

thankyou for sending me an angel

one night
the sky was calm
and the world
had a feeling of benevolence about it

it was raining
so i put on a jacket
and my walking shoes
and i went out
bought a bottle of wine
and brought it back to my room

the building was quiet

each room
had a person in it

they too were listening

to the quiet

the very quiet
of someone
walking about

why were they there
what did they want

soft knocks at my door

the glasses on the shelf

i opened the door

one enduring moment
entered the room
enveloping us both

i was listening to thankyou for sending me an angel by talking heads when i wrote this


Ruth said...

A warm and full moment of expectancy. Quite wonderfully felt.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

i can feel every word written as if i am there watching it happen...

nice post...


steven said...

thankyou ruth - it's from a very long time ago. steven

steven said...

jj - thankyou. steven

ellen abbott said...

Beautiful cloud photos.

Linda Sue said...

Lovely sweet enduring moment- *sigh*...Your cloud photos go well with it- I yearn to ride those clouds- a feeling like, they say, leaving the confines of this body- the expanse of the out there -the all encompassing love thing, a bottle of wine and an open door might be just the remedy for today. It is raining, It is dark, Why do I live here? I guess I will felt myself an angel- and drink the wine while doing so, probably not wise but ever so romantic- may result in much poking injury- "there will be blood!"
Remember, dear Steven- DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! Good advice!

steven said...

thanks ellen. i figure they're doing their very best! steven

steven said...

linda sue this moment had an ending in one way about twenty two years ago. but some of its features - notably my first born son - endure!
you leave the confines of your body all the time. look at what you do, how you think, who you are!!!
now it's about the suffering that goes with the creation of soft awesome cool objects . .. hmmm that bears some unpacking!!
i say drink the wine and know your angelic self. steven

The Gooseberry Garden said...

music inspires, glad to see you share such a charming piece.

magical imagery.

steven said...

hello gooseberry, i'm tickled to have my writing described as "charming"! i think that's a first. steven