Friday, September 30, 2011


as a person who puzzles over the form and necessity of relationship - all relationships - each and every day, coming across these words that fell from walt whitman's head, heart and hands so long ago
is so joyous and exciting
i can hardly wait to share them with you!!!

unfolded out of the folds of the woman man comes unfolded, and is
always to come unfolded,
unfolded only out of the superbest woman of the earth is to come the
superbest man of the earth,
unfolded out of the friendliest woman is to come the friendliest man,
unfolded only out of the perfect body of a woman can a man be
form'd of perfect body,
unfolded only out of the inimitable poems of woman can come the
poems of man, (only thence have my poems come;)
unfolded out of the strong and arrogant woman i love, only thence
can appear the strong and arrogant man i love,
unfolded by brawny embraces from the well-muscled woman
love, only thence come the brawny embraces of the man,
unfolded out of the folds of the woman's brain come all the folds
of the man's brain, duly obedient,
unfolded out of the justice of the woman all justice is unfolded,
unfolded out of the sympathy of the woman is all sympathy;
a man is a great thing upon the earth and through eternity, but
every of the greatness of man is unfolded out of woman;
first the man is shaped in the woman, he can then be shaped in himself.

"unfolded out of the folds" by walt whitman


Elisabeth said...

And as Walt Whitman's words unfold, steven, our spirits are lifted. Thanks.

Delwyn said...

Beautiful yellow flowers that unfold from the folds of a bud...

and strong thoughtful words that unfold from the poet via the lover of words...

steven said...

elisabeth, i'm so glad that you also enjoyed walt's amazing insight! steven

steven said...

delwyn!! those flowers are from the summer past but they live on in my photographs! i love - love whitman's writing. it's like he's speaking when he writes. i wish and work for that same ability one day!! steven

Linda said...

I am so happy I unfolded your post today! How lovely. Walt Whitman is so expressive. Yellow roses are my favourites.
I hope you are well and school is going well. I am fine. I've had a busy summer!! I missed your blog.

Linda Sue said...

COOL! All of that unfolding! Very cool! It really is amazing to unfold a newborn, all tucked in...and then to see him stretch out on his own. Reason to live!!- to unfold and keep doing it till death folds you back up again for the next round.