Sunday, September 18, 2011

call me

call me

the name you call yourself

give me
the words you use
to tell your story
and i will become
the space between your thoughts
the sight your eyes can't see
the paint that's smeared across the face
of your soul

i will be
the otherness of what
you cannot bear
in yourself

the darkness you call night
i will call dawn
the light you call sky
will be the tablecloth
on which i will taste
the fruits
of the labours
you undertook but could not eat

call me
when the silence is too much to bear

and you will know me
as the subtle
and grace
of the music
that is you


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Call me when the silence is too much to bear... Wasn't it comforting knowing that there is someone there for you...

Have a blessed Sunday sir!


Liza Ursu said...

"i will be
the otherness of what
you cannot bear
in yourself"
steven, your words are so beautiful, they bring tears.
thank you.

Lilith said...

I love this. It feels like a fleece wrap around the shoulders and a soft kiss on the neck, a look, a squeeze, it feels like understanding.

Ruth said...

I love this too, Steven! Every word, and every turn and opposing force, that is just the inside of out, or the outside of in. The otherness!

Indescribably beautiful. Wow!!!

Bella said...

indescribably beautiful,thanks!

Kay said...

steven, you have a gift...i love every word, just to beautiful...xx

Tess Kincaid said...


Sea Angels said...

Stunning it opens up like a flower bud in your heart
Lynn xxx

erin said...

i wish someone like this for every lost soul. perfect balance, communion, salvation.


steven said...

this was a piece of writing that unfolded before my eyes. i was unable to get in its way. steven