Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the tattered flags

the tattered flags of a day

in the air
the songs of the tired
all-day birds

i saw in the light
and wish it well on its chariot journey
across the sky and back again

as it leaves behind
the salmon and bible-black clouds
of its passing


Elisabeth said...

Salmon and bible black- great and evocative words to describe those tatters of clouds. Thanks Steven.

R. Burnett Baker said...

Beautiful photos, Steven. The last line "...bible-black clouds of its passing" evokes several mental images, both ominous and hopeful. We flow with your words and images!

By the way, in the third photo of your previous post, am I seeing a tiny black speck of a bird on the right side?? It's not in any of the others, so I doubt it's dust on the lens. At any rate, that is just a stunning photo, nevertheless!


willow said...

Amazing juxtaposition of the light and dark clouds. I adore "bible-black".