Wednesday, September 29, 2010

september evening rain

under a sky
a monochromatic grey-blue
from foreground to background

lost in thoughts

rain sliding down the neighbour's roof
softens the brown tiles through the grey scale to mocha

not as soft

not as sweet

but holding
the warmth inside

everything growing
on the little bit of earth i live on
is slowing down
pulling inwards

muted colours
are blurred
in the half light
in the way that looking through
soft curtains
gentles the edge of sunlight

my thoughts
wriggle skywards
like fingers of smoke
from a fire
hidden well inside


Elisabeth said...

You need a warm fire to off set the slow advance of cold that seems to creep into my bones at the thought of this gentle September rain.

Our worlds move at opposite extremes, steven, yours and mine.

Here in Melbourne, we have spring rains that hint at warmth. Yours has the promise of a winter chill on its way through autumn.

Thanks, Steven.

Jinksy said...

A dreamy reverie full of delight...

Caroline Gill said...

Thoughtful words, Steven. I am always drawn to Grimshaw's land/seascapes, and am particularly cpativated by the evocative effects of light and half-light.

Reya Mellicker said...

I feel calm and cozy just reading this. Thanks as always, Steven. What would I do without your wisdom, humor and kindness. Oh, and talent! Wow.

Linda Sue said...

Oh YUM Steven this poem is just delicious!Puts me right there, comfortably.

Joanna said...

Your words almost make me like the rain. We've had a lot of it this month, but fortunately we have a bit of a break now, in preparation for months of it. You're right about the softness and the introspection. Lovely poem.

steven said...

yes elisabeth the chill you suggest is in the air. while you are feeling the first warm zephyrs of spring!! lucky both of us. steven

steven said...

thanks junksy. steven

steven said...

hello caroline!!! i love grimshaw's work and it pops up fairly regularly here at the golden fish. i'm glad you came by to enjoy it. steven

steven said...

reya - goodness you make me blush. i'll see you at willow's ball. get me something a little less cocktailish than she's suggesting - champagne is good and we'll gab about life and everything else! steven

steven said...

linda sue - it's very much about comfort. especially finding the comfort zone no matter what!!! steven

steven said...

hi joanna, bc has been swamped i know. here it's something of a treat through the autumn because it's every so often as compared to you poor souls who have been as good as living in a swimming pool. take care! steven