Thursday, September 2, 2010


i read
that it's useful
and eventually valuable
to begin the day
with intention

good intention

inside each of us hovers, floats, winds, and weaves tiny vulnerabilities that collectively form an ecology of mutually sustaining anxieties or precious knowings. some of these form into stories.

we share our vulnerabilities through our stories.
we share our stories through our vulnerabilities.
the morning - stories hover in my thoughts - stories that haven't been written or lived out.
rehearsals abound over coffee!

really, it's about opening myself to the world of a day.

in making ourselves open we make ourselves available in the same way that a doorway, when opened, invites others into the room we occupy. they have the option of entering or simply walking by.

it's the simplest of complexities


Helen said...

Lovely Steven .... I especially enjoyed Little Lights and The Farther Away I Am. Wishing you a great day!

ellen abbott said...

good intentions, being open and available, good ways to start a day.

steven said...

hello helen and thankyou for your comment. steven

steven said...

hi ellen, if possible! steven

Friko said...

My day starts with a questions to myself: what day is it?
What do I have to do today?

I think I really must try your way. It is much the better way.

Annie said...

Hi Steven,
Thank you for this wonderful description of the writing process, and the expression of our vulnerabilities through stories, and I love your photograph. Would it be okay for me to link to this post on my blog?

steven said...

hi annie, thanks for asking about linking to this post. i post without condition - the photographs can be used in any way, the words can be used in any way. i know that some bloggers copyright but i'm not really interested in that!!! steven

Annie said...

Hi Steven,
Thank you. Sometime during the week, I'll be posting a link on my blog, and a quote and a link on my new tumblr account. Your words and photos are valuable and appreciated.