Saturday, September 4, 2010

a passage

the skies today are torn and roiling

caught in the space between the hot humid air of summer
and the arriving air of an autumn
not supposed to be here just yet
but arriving all the same

and really
when i give myself the privilege of extending this experience
into my own tiny part of this world
so am i

and i really don't mind at all!


Titus said...

steven, these are cloud masterpieces! Bravo.

Bonnie said...

I do love your sky shots steven. These are sheer beauty.

steven said...

titus thankyou. i am often looking skyward - not rolling my eyes - but simply because there are colours and shapes that capture my imagination and also my wish to be able t paint them. ha! they're already painted. so i photograph them instead. steven

steven said...

thankyou bonnie. i wonder if the temperature drop - humidex of 35C to this morning's 13C - also took place in montreal? steven

ellen abbott said...

the sky is an amazing beauty. the clouds were magnificent here yesterday too.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Steven, the third photo really does look like a passageway into the universe. We are in that summer-autumn passageway also. It is pleasant here for a couple of days at least. A cool front arrived on Friday.

hope said...

Anyone who can still gaze upward and see more than science has an inner child who will never die. :)

My inner child thanks you for lending me a place to play.

Pauline said...

you have a way of combining pictures and words into thought forms that make me sigh from pure pleasure

Linda Sue said...

That sky is impossibly beautiful! We never get skies that spectacular. Makes me really want to soar through the bright holes- WHOOOSH and dive just barely scraping the earth with my middle and WHOOSH back up again into the light light...Wow that was fun! Thanks!