Sunday, September 5, 2010

ocean sky

they float
(these little water islands)
in a sea of air

my eyes
swim like the fishes
around their pink atolls


Valerianna said...

I was driving around town this evening, just as a front was coming in.... amazing deep, blue sky with towers of clouds. I thought, Steven would LOVE these clouds! However, being on a windy, hilly road through the forest did not lend itself to taking great pictures, though I attempted. Afterwards, a stunning, rainbow that highlighted the neon pink color... amazing. Didn't get that. Oh well, but you were with me on my journey... isn't that such a weird thing - this cyber-community?

Looks like you were looking at cool clouds, too!

Rachel Fenton said...

I imagine a fire breather just out of shot...the longer I look at the pictures the more they become..

TechnoBabe said...

Aren't the clouds amazing? We sit at the kitchen table sometimes mesmerized by the cloud activity.

Annie said...

Clouds like this have such dimension, we feel like we can reach and touch them. Of course, we do touch them, with our eyes.

steven said...

hi valerianna, thanks for the lovely description of your journey through the woods. the clouds have been really amazing over the past few days as the weather has changed dramatically and so there are ragged racing torn up pieces coalescing into larger clouds that pass overhead almost stately. that's so much like the blogging community - ragged pieces of humanity that somehow meld and coalesce and then become enmeshed. standards of connectivty that exists in the analogue world don't apply here. that's where people get confused or misled i think. this is what it is. steven

steven said...

rachel a jewelled dragon swirling willy-nilly through the air! steven